• Kin Medium Toothbrush 3 Units
    -25% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Kin Medium Toothbrush 3 Units

    Ergonomic design for easy and comfortable holding. High quality of materials for deep cleaning. Soft bristled head for the removal of plaque and stains. Its special shape makes it possible to clean the back teeth. Includes 3 toothbrushes with different colors for identification. The bristles are straightened to remove plaque without damaging the tooth...

    6,00 € -24.98% 4,50 €
  • Kin Soft Toothbrush 3 Units
    -25% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Kin Soft Toothbrush 3 Units

    Soft toothbrush, made with soft bristles for gentle cleaning Designed for daily use, with soft bristles for safe and effective cleaning The ergonomic shape allows easy access and cleaning to the teeth, even in the back of the mouth Ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip for better control Rounded brush head for gentle and effective cleaning Available...

    6,00 € -24.98% 4,50 €
  • Cariax Gingival Rinse 500+100 ml + Paste 75 ml
    -25% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Cariax Gingival Rinse 500ml +100ml + Paste 75ml

    It is formulated with plant extracts to help fight plaque and bad breath. It contains marshmallow extract, which helps to reduce tartar and bad breath. It also contains menthol for a refreshing feeling. The rinse also contains cetylpyridinium chloride, an antimicrobial agent that helps reduce gum inflammation and prevent cavities. It is alcohol-free, so...

    10,00 € -24.98% 7,50 €
  • Fluorkin Anticaries Daily Rinse 750+250 ml
    -25% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Fluorkin Anticaries Daily Rinse 750+250 ml

    It is formulated to help protect teeth from decay. It contains 0.05% Sodium Fluoride, an anti-caries agent. It is enriched with ingredients such as Glycerin, Menthol, Sodium Chloride, Sorbitol, etc. Its refreshing taste makes it ideal for everyday use. It is available in a large 750 ml bottle. 250ml as a gift

    11,95 € -25.0711% 8,95 €
  • Children's Fluorkin Rinse 500ml + Paste 50ml
    -46% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Children's Fluorkin Rinse 500ml + Paste 50ml

    It is a mouthwash and a children's toothpaste indicated for the prevention of dental caries in children from 1 to 5 years old. Fluorkin Rinse contains 500ml of solution with 1,450 ppm of sodium fluoride, which provides effective protection against dental caries. It is enriched with glycerin to respect the delicate oral mucosa and with mint for a pleasant...

    12,95 € -46.3676% 6,95 €
  • Bella Aurora Bio10 Forte Sensitive 30ml + Toiletry Bag
    -15% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Bella Aurora Bio10 Forte Sensitive 30ml + Toiletry Bag

    Tratamior antfdiad avanzappend for pheibe sensibles. Cont.ijan activos comor the tocgone hialuronico, the tocgone gsciorscior, the extractor of atgas seainas, the vitamine C and the vitamine E. Ayuda a reducgo the apairicion of arrugACE and lineACE orderACE. Aporta luminosida, firIza and elasticida a the phei. Adecuappend for pheibe sensibles. Ftocil of...

    29,95 € -15.0374% 25,45 €
  • Bella Aurora Bio 10 Forte L-ocal Depigmenting Treatment 9ml + Advanced Booster AHA 30ml
    -22% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Bella Aurora Bio 10 Forte L-ocal Depigmenting Treatment...

    Formulated with Active Depigmenting Acid: A combination of Kojic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Glycolic Acid to unify skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Light texture: Its light formula with Lotus flower extract and Hyaluronic Acid is quickly absorbed into the skin for a comfortable application. Antioxidant Protection: Contains Vitamin E to help...

    22,95 € -21.8113% 17,94 €
  • Bella Aurora Bio 10 Forte L-Tigo Depigmenting Treatment 30ml + Advanced Booster AHA 30ml
    -6% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Bella Aurora Bio 10 Forte L-Tigo Depigmenting Treatment...

    It contains 10% kojic acid, which is a depigmenting agent. It contains a complex of active ingredients that act on the reduction of melanin for greater effectiveness. Formulated with vitamin B3, which helps prevent skin aging. It contains hyaluronic acid, which provides optimal hydration and provides a feeling of softness and elasticity. It is indicated...

    34,95 € -5.7273% 32,95 €
  • Parodontax Complete Protection Soft Brush
    -28% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Parodontax Complete Protection Soft Brush

    Soft bristle toothbrush to protect the gums. Ergonomic design for ease of use. The extra soft bristles adapt to the shape of the teeth for a deep cleaning. The brush head is smaller to reach the most difficult-to-reach areas. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip. The bristles have an antibacterial coating to reduce the accumulation of bacteria....

    3,95 € -27.7063% 2,86 €
  • Parodontax Soft Interdental Cleaning Brush
    -28% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Parodontax Soft Interdental Cleaning Brush

    Ergonomic design with soft handle for optimal control. Small and flexible brush for a deep and gentle cleaning. Soft polymer bristles to remove bacterial plaque without irritating the gums. Specially designed bristles to easily reach the interdental spaces. Conical head for access to the narrowest interdental spaces. Use with toothpaste for a complete...

    3,95 € -27.7063% 2,86 €

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